The Joy of Pi

No number has captured the attention and imagination of people throughout the ages as much as the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. Pi (or π as it is symbolically known) is infinite and, in The Joy of π, it proves to be infinitely intriguing. With incisive historical insight and a refreshing sense of humor, David Blatner explores the many facets of pi and humankind's fascination with it—from the ancient Egyptians and Archimedes to Leonardo da Vinci and the modern-day Chudnovsky brothers, who have calculated pi to eight billion digits with a homemade supercomputer

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"Even numerically challenged readers will find BlatnerŐs tale immensely appealing, both for the creative graphic layout, in day-glo colors, no less, and for the amusing and informative anecdotes Blatner relates." —Booklist

"Whimsically formatted, this little book is a treasure trove of facts, folklore, quotes, uses, puzzles, and even the first 1 million digits of pi. The rich history of this ratio is never boring, as anecdotes and weird trivia pop up throughout." —Science News

"Mr. Blatner neatly describes all the runic formulas that converge to pi, the geniuses and cranks who have been obsessed with it, and the ways it has been approached by different civilizations." —Wall Street Journal

"A beautifully designed, poetic little book about the ratioŐs history, nature and use. The book is a delightful testimonial to the elegance of math." —Dallas Morning News

What is there to say about pi? A great deal, it seems. From the sublime to the mysterious to the humerous, this is one of the most enjoyable books of the year.— Voice of Youth Advocates