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No book is big enough to cover the many facets of QuarkXPress anymore, and even if it could, the technology changes much more quickly than writers like me can update our books. Similarly, some publishers have taken to adding CD-ROMs in the back of their books in order to provide additional material. Unfortunately, the discs become obsolete almost immediately. To counter both of these problems, I’ve built the Real World QuarkXPress Web Site, which should simply be considered an extension of the printed book. The Web site has all sorts of stuff that I think you’ll find interesting.

  • Frequently asked questions. I’ve spent a great deal of time analyzing the questions XPress users have posted on the Internet, in magazines, to Quark’s technical support, and in e-mail to me. The surprising thing is that while everyone uses XPress differently, and for different purposes, almost everyone asks the same kinds of questions. I’ve compiled answers to these questions and posted them on the site. When you run into trouble, look for an answer in the book first, and if you can’t find one, check out the FAQ area on the Web site.

  • Book updates. Probably the only thing more frustrating than being a computer book writer, like me, is being a computer book reader, like you. The reason: each month the software keeps changing, new XTensions are released, bugs are fixed (sometimes even bugs that I thought were features)....Fortunately, you can now read about these sorts of updates quickly in the Updates section of the Web site.

  • Tips and tricks. Ask any of my friends and you’ll find out that I love tips and tricks. I’ve got so many little workarounds, special techniques, and undocumented "features" that there was no way to fit them all in the book. Check out the many tips and tricks (or contribute one of your own) in the Tips & Tricks section of the Web site.

  • Resources. Finally, I would be lying if I told you that the Real World QuarkXPress Web Site was the end-all and be-all for information on QuarkXPress. No way. Therefore, I offer lists of the many other resources on the Internet and in print that you should be aware of.

Note that you no longer must own the book in order to get access to this Web Site. It's free to all! But if you don't own a copy of the book, I hope you'll consider buying one.



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